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   After alloy steel certificated company forge at
        4S or more forging rate, check defective
        parts of material by normalizing and UT test.
   Drawing material test sheets
   Turney work with 10mm allowance from
        measurement on drawings.
   In thermal refining, charge carburizing heat
        treatment specimens at the same time aiming
        at the middle between HB235 and HB330.
   Draw heat treatment sheet (including time chart)
   Process leaving 2nd finishing margin in
        consideration of heat treatment gap on
        drawing measurement.
   Do tooth process within 0.02mm shake of the
        inside diameter, external diameter, and
        cross section.
   Check span measurement after hobbing
   When charging products, charge specimens at
        same time and process at carburizing
        depth of 2.3 ~ 2.5 and HRC 61 ± 2.
   Draw heat treatment sheet
        (specimen microstructure examinations)
   Process at medium drawing tolerance at 1.6
        or less of Cross Section Roughness.
   In the process of the inside diameter, process
        between -0.06mm ∼ -0.10 mm for Shrink-fit.
   Do drill and cutting processing according to
        tolerance and topology on drawing.
   After gear heating (190°C, 40min.), check the
        expansion amount (above 0.2mm) and PIN
        tolerance. Then perform shrink-fit.
   Cross section of gear (within 0.005mm),Pin
        (within 0.002mm) after confirming shake-up,
        get to work with target on ISO CLASS5.
   Examine defects in the course of processing
        or of material itself through nondestructive
   After the examination, draw the magnetic
        particle testing report.
   After tooth grinding, do cutting processing on
        sharp part of products and eliminate dust
        on the surface.
   According to the measurements on drawings,
        perform appearance inspection by Quality
        guarantee Dept. and then perform the
        classification survey to issue the certificate.
   The products after the classification survey
         should be appropriately packed to arrange
         for the delivery to customers